Company Profile

Wuxi Golden Water Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd was founded on August 25, 2015. It is authorized by the Wuxi Municipal Government to have the right of export management. The main export products are deep groove ball, centering ball, cylindrical roller, spherical roller, needle, angular contact, tapered roller, thrust cylindrical roller, bearing cage.
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  • 300A testing equipment worth 3 million
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Die strength

Slow-walking wire, also known as low-speed wire-walking, is a kind of numerical control machine tool which uses continuously moving fine metal wire (called electrode wire, generally copper wire) as the electrode to discharge the workpiece by pulse spark, and produces high temperature of more than 6000 degrees, removes metal and cuts the workpiece. The principle of slow-moving wire processing is the phenomenon of metal removal by continuous discharge in the seamless gap between the on-line electrode and the workpiece.

Equipment capability

  • 2. Timing and High Speed Tool Lifting and Height Control of Tool Lifting
  • 3. Spindle Fixed-point Control, Discharge Gap Detection
  • 4. Oil Level Control
  • 5. Fire control
  • 6. Automatic alarm safety device
  • 7. Anti-carbon Function
  • 8. CNC system, touch screen input, manual box operation.
  • 9. On-line automatic measurement of workpiece
  • 10. Superfinishing
  • 11. Ultra-precision Edge Processing
  • 12.X, Y, Z axes imported Panasonic servo system.
  • 13. Design of wear-resistant edge-wrapping for stainless steel materials
  • 14. Minimum electrode loss 0.10%
  • 15. Optimum Surface Roughness Ra0.2um
  • 16. Maximum production efficiency 1000 mm3/min (standard) 1000 mm3/min (optional)
  • 17. Minimum Driver Unit 1um

Injection strength

Injection moulding machine is also known as injection moulding machine or injection machine. It is the main forming equipment for making plastic products of various shapes from thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics using plastic moulds. It is divided into vertical type, horizontal type and all-electric type. The injection moulding machine can heat the plastics and apply high pressure to the molten plastics to make them emit and fill the mould cavity.

Testing equipment